The Laurel Oak Inn

Our work begins bright and early on a wedding day. Coffee in hand, and with gear at the ready, we get right to it, with a great sense of excitement and anticipation. We have always enjoyed the quiet moments, before all the hustle and bustle of the day take over, and we settle in to spend some time with our bride preparing for one of the biggest days of her life. In between photographing, and going over last minute details, we often have a moment to wander around any given venue or location in which the 'getting ready' moments are taking place. Soaking in each carefully planned detail, we loved the ambience offered by the Laurel Oak Inn, in Gainesville, Florida. We couldn't help but appreciate the Victorian details, and quiet southern charm; all nestled in the Historic Bed and Breakfast District of one of our favorite cities.

Laurel Oak Inn

Laurel Oak Inn

Gift to M.I.L.

Grooms Getting Ready

We can often physically feel the sense of excitement and anticipation in the air, when spending time with our groom. We love the opportunity to share laughs and helpful advice, while groomsmen help their friend prepare for his biggest adventure yet. Capturing the emotion of a handwritten letter, the shine of the cufflinks, the shared stories between the best of friends....we love it all.

Grooms mother gives blessing

Boys being boys

Groom during giving F.I.L. gift

Brides gift

Brides and Their Crew

The 'getting ready' portion of a bride's day is often where the carefully planned details begin to emerge. After months, even YEARS of a bride planning their biggest day ever, we swoon over matching bridal party robes, dainty jewelry pieces, and the exchange of the 'borrowed and blue.' Admittedly, this is where we often have the hardest time controlling our own emotions, as we witness shared hugs, tears, and well-wishes with the mother of the bride and the closest loved ones.

Bride writing note to Groom

Bride writing note to Groom

Brides maids

Mother Daughter

A Father's first look...

We are quite used to unique and special requests from couples, when it comes to photographing and filming their wedding day. But, few requests leave us a teary-eyed mess quite like a 'first look' moment between a father and his daughter. We know exactly what it feels like to welcome a child into the world and watch them grow, but there are few words that can explain what it feels like to set them free on such momentous occasions. Few moments in life will compare to seeing your daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, and soon walking her down the aisle towards the love of her life.

Gorgeous Bride

Fathers reaction

Down the stairs

Sisters first look also

The Baughman Center

The cathedral ceilings and light spilling in from the expansive windows make for an exquisite setting, for couples marrying at University of Florida's famed Baughman Center. The natural backdrop outside, coupled with the regal interior, make for a superior backdrop during a day of nuptials.

Wide angle of Baughman Center



Just a moment before

Bride and Groom Portraits

Once a couple has exchanged vows and their first kiss as a married couple, they often feel a sense of relief; celebrating that all of their careful planning and hard work has now paid off. The posed portraiture of a newly married couple is often where we see the most affection of the day, and we are honored to share these sweet, intimate moments with our pair. Now is the time for a couple to exchange a few kisses, chat about their absence from one another while preparing for the ceremony, and really 'shine' in their gorgeous wedding dress and suits. Add in some fantastic florals, and some glances at the newly exchanged wedding rings, and posed bridal portraiture is beautifully captured.

Outdoor Bride/Groom portraits

Outdoor Bride/Groom portraits

Outdoor Bride/Groom portraits

Stylistic ring shot


Loosely defined, the 'reception' of a couple's wedding day is really when the newlyweds are 'received' by the wedding party, the couple's family, and the pair's friends. Now that the hardest parts are over, it's party time! The reception is where we really get to see the theme of a planned party unfold: in this case, Savannah and Paul shared a love for travel, both served in the United States Military, and exhibited these shared endeavors in one of the coolest reception themes we've ever seen.

Center pieces

Seating chart

Guest signature book

Ring shot on globe

The Wooly Events

Hosted at the Wooly Downtown, each guest's table had a vintage camera, the seating chart included a detailed map of the world, and a globe served as the most unique guest book we've ever witnessed. These two adventure-loving souls were aptly named as the "Traveling Benways" and we can't think of a more appropriate title for their life-long journey together. And, yes, in case you are wondering, we got to witness some hilarious dancing and shenanigans.

Groom wipes away Brides tears during her vows.

Benway's First dance

Under neon light

Under Fire Lights

These two Benways left the night under the fires of friends and family.


Downtown Exit

All Smiles