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Are you in search of the original, reaching for the real, and calling for the beautifully imperfect. 

Our couples are not mannequins for the posing, gumby's in dress clothes for the molding. They have genuine interest and desires that sound out through their every being. We hear you. At Tupelo Honey Wedding Co., we choose a more subtle approach to our photography. Allowing our couples to express their own genuine smiles and naturally intimate body language is what we value.

We are in constant search for those “wall hangers” that move from home to home with you because it wouldn’t be the same without them. The album on the coffee table that close friends flip through The home movie that is watched to remind you of the joy you two share, even when times are rough, The words spoken by friends and family will forever echo for you through our work. We sincerely believe in what we do and the memories we provide. 

We are based in the Gainesville area and love to travel. We consistently push ourselves to shoot in new and exciting places. Our style is bright and natural. We try to preserve the essence and movement of life in our images. We edit our images to convey the truth of the day and heavily focus on moments in motion. No mutilated colors, hyper-saturation, or heavy editing. We value the honesty and timeless nature of our images, and we hope you will too.

As an inclusive company, we practice our craft with an open mind and open heart for all. No matter your creed, background, or choice of love, We will show the utmost honor in capturing your day.


Weddings can be bottled chaos. Glorious, wonderful chaos.

 Having an experienced wedding photographer next to you can alleviate a lot of the anxiety that comes with the territory. Reassuring words, thinking on our feet to overcome the hiccups that inevitably pop up are all part of what we do. 

The Effortless

The day should flow from moment to amazing moment with effortless grace. These moments take a deft hand and a keen eye to capture the splendor and the sporadic beauty that arises in a wedding day. 

The Pure

This time is about you and your experiences as a couple, not some color-by-number adventure with a rigidly crafted tale. We value minimal input into your day; to be as documentary as possible with an eye for the artistic is our ultimate goal.

The Profound

I cannot tell you how much these images mean to our couples. The power of a speech given by a grandfather who has passed, a mother's hug, and a child's smile. Each wonderful moment will echo through our images.

For this and all the little other reasons is why we do what we do. We would love to speak with you and start planning an unforgettable experience together.


Eric and Anne

Tupelo Honey Wedding Co.

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