Amber and Ryan's Amelia Island Beach Wedding

As a destination photographer and filmmaker, I was happy to be a part of Amber and Ryan's Amelia Island beach wedding. This was the epitome of a lovely and small beach wedding, full of laughter, love, and pure delight. I could tell right away that this was going to be a memorable day.

The bride and her bridesmaids began the day on the beach with a champagne pop, surrounded by the lovely ocean and soft sand. The bridesmaids were all dressed in similar white gowns, and their laughter filled the room as they took turns bursting champagne corks and toasting to the big day ahead.

Meanwhile, the boys were getting ready in the Airbnb, having a great time playing beer pong. While getting ready, the girls drank mimosas, and the atmosphere was light and enjoyable. The enthusiasm and anticipation for the wedding ceremony rose as the day proceeded.

My camera recorded the moment when the bride and groom received beautiful cards and presents, reflecting their love and pleasure. It was obvious that these two were intended to be together, and that this day would be memorable for them.

First Look

It was time for the intimate first look out on the beach at midday. Amber and Ryan were both suited up for their weddings, and the sight in their eyes as they saw one other for the first time was pure love. The sun was brilliant and the water was calm, providing the ideal setting for their first kiss.


A friend of the bride and groom conducted the wedding ceremony, which was a wonderful and emotional event. The couple married on the beach in front of their closest relatives and friends.

Amber and Ryan wanted their friends and family to be comfortable and happy, so after the Oh-So-Adorable flower girl walked the isle, one of Amber's besties was the "shots girl" and handed small liquor bottles to anyone age appropriate and willing.

The ceremony was quick and simple, and it was clear that Amber and Ryan's love was at the core of the day.


Following the wedding, the bride and groom posed for pictures. The bride looked magnificent in her exquisite white gown, and the groom looked dashing in his tuxedo. We began the picture shoot on the beach, but as the session proceeded, we decided to take a walk around the island and explore. The pair was up for the experience, so it developed into an impromptu "trash the dress" session. We had a great time snapping photographs and playing in the water.

The celebration was held on the beach, and the couple danced all night long to music. Guests enjoyed delectable food and beverages while watching the bride and groom dance the night away. It was a lovely and private evening, full of laughs and love.


Finally, Amber and Ryan's beach wedding on Amelia Island was a memorable occasion. The bride and groom's love and happiness shone through at every turn of the day. It was a privilege for me as a destination photographer and filmmaker to record their experiences and convey their narrative via my camera lens. The day was full with laughing, love, and pure pleasure, and it was the epitome of a lovely and private Florida beach wedding.