It all started at a jetty bar...

What an exhilarating day! These two have been best friends for over 6 years. It was no surprise to family and friends that this day would come. The bride (Brittney left) and her entourage started their day in the bridal suite at noon, with champagne and smiles. The bridesmaids were gifted gorgeous custom embroidered robes to lounge in during their getting ready phase. The florist on site setting up some beautiful arrangements.

Boys enter stage left:

As the groom (Christian) and his groomsmen hit the stage, we grabbed some stills and video of the hijinks and hilarity.

All the details

With the florist finished and tables set, a waiting groom grabbed a sharpie.

The Dress

Need I say more? A classic shot not 10 feet from where they couple would say I do.

Here comes the bride.

As always, the ring bearers and flower girl stole the show. With the large crowd gathered the four little participants took one look and did a unanimous U turn.

Reception and Sendoff