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Gainesville Florida

Aside from being the home to one of the most dense urban arrays of botanical plant species in the United States, Gainesville, Florida is also famous for many other things: the home of the University of Florida and the beloved Florida Gators, the birthplace of Gatorade, and it is one of the best places to live in Florida.

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St. Augustine, Florida

As you walk around this amazing city, you will have this feeling that there is so much history in these streets. The cobblestone and brick streets beckon you to walk and explore.

St Augustine is such a great choice for couples. The venues, amenities and attractions give something interesting for all. History buffs will find the fort and surrounding a must.

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Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Florida has wedding venues for every need, love, and style. Whether exquisitely dining at the River Club or surround yourself with the greenery at Jacksonville's Garden Club, there is so much life in the "Gateway to Florida" to explore and breathe in. Spend some time waking the river front and envision your portraits backed with almost 500 years of history.

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Savannah, Georgia

This grand city very narrowly escaped destruction of the March of Sherman during this country's civil war. It is alleged that this city was spared destruction, because it was "too beautiful to burn!" Any city that can impress an army enough to spare itself from ruin is a monument to how beautiful this gorgeous this landscape is. Originally designed with 24 "squares", the 22 that are left are gems to the communities that surround them.

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Valdosta, Georgia

Valdosta, Georgia, is a quaint southern city with a choice of venues and picturesque settings for your wedding. Valdosta provides something for every couple, whether they choose a historic southern plantation or a contemporary event location.

Valdosta Georgia Wedding Photography

Our Favorite places

Our Favorite places

Gainesville, Florida

Home of the Gators, University of Florida, Shand's and the countless natural wonders of the area make for an awesome choice for your wedding.

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