This beautiful city is the home of so many historical and modern memories, that to be there, is to walk in the footsteps of giants.

This grand city very narrowly escaped destruction of the March of Sherman during this country's civil war. It is alleged that this city was spared destruction, because it was "too beautiful to burn!" Any city that can impress an army enough to spare itself from ruin is a monument to how beautiful this gorgeous this landscape is. Originally designed with 24 "squares", the 22 that are left are gems to the communities that surround them.

The mossy oaks of Savannah surround the streets and provide such an ethereal feel to your wedding photos. Along with countless landmark locations, such as Forsyth Park and fountain, East bay street, The Savannah river, and the 22 "Squares" your guests will be enthralled with this city.

Wedding photography in Savannah is such a rewarding experience for our couples, and it has a variety of options for every preference and walk of life. Are you the couple that wants the seclusion of a state or national park? Will you enjoy the freedom of an elopement style downtown wedding with the world moving around you two? There are countless opportunities to create the wedding of your dreams in Savannah. We would love to hear yours!

East of Savannah

Rivers upon rivers running into tributaries and marshland. Nautical weddings will find comfortable residence in this natural landscape. With the Savannah Yacht Club right off the Wilmington river, you are treated to some of the most amazing sunsets.

Interested in a Savannah beach wedding? North Beach on Tybee Island is your destination. Tie the knot in Tybee Island Wedding Chapel and have a reception on the beach.

Downtown Savannah

The richness of character of the streets of Savannah Georgia lend themselves to a couple who wants something historic and urban in their wedding photography. Brick paved roads, trollies, and beautiful buildings are the hallmark of the area. There is no shortage to the epic environments a wedding photographer can use to create with.

Rest assured, your choice to tie the knot in Savannah will be rewarded with a lifetime of beautiful memories and photos.

Are you looking for a talented wedding photographer in Savannah, Georgia? Look no further! I specialize in capturing the beauty of this lively city with creative photo sessions at some of the best photography hotspots. I recommend shooting at Forsyth Park, the historic district, and The Mercer-Williams House – each of which offer different backdrops and charm to your photos! From cobblestone streets and ironwork balconies to moss-covered oak trees and Victorian-era headstones, these locations are sure to make your wedding photographs look truly magical.

While you may have an abundance of photographers to choose from, choose the one that makes your heart sing.