When world's embrace

Aman had his wedding,

At the Hindu Society of Central Florida, priest Sri. Bhavinkumar Trivedi wed these two in the Hindu tradition. Laura's parents were very much involved in the ceremony, with blessings, and prayer.

and Laura had hers.

In Tallahassee, Fl a week later, Laura and Aman met again in a new venue right off the park where they had their first date.

Monochrome ...

There is such simplicity and minimalism to a monochrome image. It can strip away the overlooking colors and freezes time if just for a moment. I usually pick my favorite photos and play with them in monochrome to see what is there. Almost always, I prefer this to color.

It also has the added benefit of getting rid of any clashing white balance issues such as indoor warm lighting next to a bright window has two very different light temperatures on a subject.

Sometimes "EPIC" just happens

I can't remember what exactly Laura was doing but this moment happened as she was throwing her veil off her shoulder.

I am so glad my finger was still on the shutter for this one.