Capturing the Beauty of Isolina and Ben's Wedding at Cottonwood Ranch's Barn

Isolina and Ben's wedding at The Barn at Cottonwood Farm was picture-perfect. As Jacksonville wedding photographers, we were ecstatic to document this beautiful wedding and the precious moments shared by the couple and their loved ones.

The day began with Ben and his groomsmen getting ready at the groomsmen's cottage in the barn's back yard. As the Jacksonville wedding photographer, we made a point of capturing the men's joy and camaraderie as they prepared for the big day.

Meanwhile, Isolina was getting ready in the barn's bridal room with a hair and cosmetics team. We documented every step of her metamorphosis into a bride as she put on her magnificent gown and accessories.

One of the most touching moments of the day was Isolina's first glimpse of her father in the bridal room. As he stepped into the room, it was a lovely moment, and we made sure to catch every emotion on film.

Ben and his groomsmen had photographs shot adjacent to the barn before the wedding. We took advantage of the barn's rustic appeal to create lovely photographs that reflected the excitement and anticipation of the day.

The ceremony was conducted in front of the barn, amid four enormous palm trees, overlooking a lovely pond with fountains. The scenery was stunning, and we took full advantage of it, photographing every angle and detail.

The pastor's first wedding was so nerve-racking that he omitted the ring exchange. The bride and groom joked about it, and it became a humorous and memorable part of their wedding day.

The bride and groom's photographs were taken on the farm's clover field. We love incorporating North Florida's natural beauty into our images, and the clover field was the ideal setting for this wonderful couple.

When the sun sank, Isolina and Ben took a moment in front of a giant oak tree decorated in string lights, and we recorded this wonderful and romantic moment.

Their wedding exit was surrounded by fog and flashlights, and it was a breathtaking scene that we were honored to record. We were there to photograph the pair as they walked hand in hand into their new life together.

We understand the value of capturing every moment of a couple's special day as Jacksonville wedding photographers. We take pleasure in our ability to produce stunning, timeless photographs that convey the story of the day and allow our customers to enjoy their wedding day over and over.

Groom getting ready at The Barn at Cottonwood Farm.
Bride getting ready at The Barn at Cottonwood Farm.
Bride and Groom on the brand staircase at The Barn at Cottonwood Farm.
Bride and Groom standing together at sunset in The Barn at Cottonwood Farm.
Bride and Groom kissing at sunset at The Barn at Cottonwood Farm.
Bride and Groom first kiss at The Barn at Cottonwood Farm.
Bride and Groom flying veil shot at The Barn at Cottonwood Farm.

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