Dear Future Brides,

As a wedding photographer, I get to witness and document some of the most beautiful moments in a couple's lives. My ultimate objective is to make your wedding day as stress-free and effortless as possible, and I feel that a First Look may play a huge role in this.

The First Look is a magical and intimate time. It is the first time you and your partner will see each other on your wedding day, and there are no distractions or interruptions. This particular moment allows you to look each other in the eyes, hug each other close, laugh, weep, or simply be in the moment. This is the first of many lovely moments you will enjoy on your wedding day, and it will be immortalized in a sequence of magnificent, one-of-a-kind photos.

Contrary to common opinion, the traditional "reveal" of the bride going down the aisle is not diminished by a First Look. In fact, it heightens the emotional impact of the situation. The bride and groom may remove any fear or worries they may have by having a private First Look, allowing them to completely enjoy the significance of the moment when they meet one other for the first time in front of their guests. This is especially beneficial for grooms who are not normally emotional. The First Look's private, personal setting may allow for a more delicate and emotional response.

By having a First Look, you will also be prolonging your wedding day and giving you and your partner more opportunity to appreciate every element of your special day. You will be able to complete all of your photos prior to the ceremony, which will allow you to spend more time with your guests and thoroughly enjoy your reception. This also means that your photographer will be able to take more portraits of you two, which is always a good thing.

I feel that a First Look may be an effective technique for lowering stress and providing a more seamless wedding day experience. I am here to guide you so that you may make the best choice for you and your spouse. If you have any questions or would want to learn more about the Tupelo Honey Wedding Co. wedding experience, please do not hesitate to contact me at

I wish you a lovely and unforgettable wedding day.