Make your wedding video truly extraordinary by capturing all the special moments from unique angles and perspectives. Wondering how to achieve that "wow" factor for your clients? Look no further than drone wedding footage.

Here are seven compelling reasons why your wedding video needs drone footage:

Aerial Views of Your Venue:

Drone footage allows you to capture majestic landscapes like mountains, valleys, vineyards, lakes, and beach venues from above. It offers a perspective that is impossible to grasp from the ground, showcasing the stunning elements of your wedding venue with depth and beauty.

Unique Shots and Angles:

Discuss your plans with your cinematographer and arrange for drone footage of special moments such as fireworks or a sunset over the sea. These extraordinary occasions take on a whole new meaning when filmed from above, creating visually stunning and memorable shots.

Unreachable Views:

Drones can reach heights of up to 400 feet above the ground, enabling them to capture breathtaking views that are inaccessible to humans. Whether it's flying over hills, lakes, cliffs, or fields, drone footage adds a cinematic touch to your wedding video, making it feel like a movie.

Capturing Love from Above:

Drone footage allows you to film emotions, smiles, and joyful interactions from an aerial perspective. People tend to be more animated and lively when a drone is present, adding an authentic and joyful atmosphere to your wedding video.

The Combination:

Combine drone video and drone photos to create a story across two mediums that compliment each other.

Intimacy with Landscape:

Filming intimate moments between you and your loved one against the backdrop of a wide landscape creates a significant and poignant love story. Drone footage enhances the cinematic feel of your wedding, elevating it to new heights.

Epic Footage:

Filming your wedding from above gives your video an epic quality. While it's recommended to avoid filming the ceremony itself due to drone noise, capturing special moments before and after the ceremony with a drone adds depth, perspective, and grandeur to your special day.

For an original and highly personalized cinematic wedding film, Tupelo Honey Wedding Co. is your go-to choice. We offer wedding photo and film packages that include drone coverage, or you can add it to any package of your choice. To book your wedding date and add breathtaking drone photos and video to your wedding day, send us a message on our contact page!