Driftwood Beach

In Georgia, there is a beach that holds fascinatingly large driftwood. It makes such a romantic backdrop. You have to navigate a very wooded path. Seafoam and errant vegetation caused quite the predicament in the effort to keep her white dress white.


the weather has a different idea of your day. Although this is always the case, Erica was so incredibly disappointed that the freezing rains continued to fall on her day. The venue she was staying at moved her ceremony into the conference center. Although this wasn't ideal for Erica, she knew the most important thing was Brian and their union.

She watched the whole morning

as the rains swept over the beach she wanted to marry Brian on.

The rains held off

for just a small enough window of time to allow us to weave a path to the beach and grab some of the most fulfilling photos. Erica was freezing in that dress, with the wind and rain, they had no choice but to cuddle.