The Blanche, Lake City, Fl

Under the guise...

This was an incredible event to capture, and was brought to life by the team at Keith Watson Events. Keith and his team along with the incredibly restored Blanche hotel orchestrated a gorgeous night of celebration and reflection.

This was a surprise party, and if you know the famous Ben Franklin quote, I'm not sure how anyone kept it a secret.

Kelly and Jon arrived fashionably late, and as they rose the top flight of steps, everyone erupted with "SURPRISE!"

The musicians.

During the night there were 3 different musical groups. Cocktail hour was graced by two violinist, (of which I assume were a Mother and Daughter Duo). they played just on the landing in the corner under these huge windows. The lighting was incredible .

The dinner's entertainment was a Pianist, and Jon led Kelly onto the dance floor to celebrate 30 years together. To see them look at each other that way after 30 years is a life goal of every married couple. Toasts and speeches by their daughters, family and friends brought reflection and joy to the room.

String lights and a guitar.

The guitarist was a friend of the family and a extremely talented one at that. There was dancing and toast all under a full moon. The night was wrapped by a cover of Tom Petty's American Girl where everyone danced and sang their hearts out.